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How Vehicle Type Impacts Your Personal Injury Claim

HKQ Attorneys

Jun 10, 2024

Does vehicle type impact your personal injury claim? Find out from a Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn Personal Injury Attorney.

When dealing with personal injury law, it’s important to know that the outcome of your claim could be affected by the types of vehicles involved. Whether it’s a truck crash governed by federal regulations or a car collision subject to state laws, the types of the vehicles involved can significantly shape the legal strategies and potential outcomes of your case.

The Role of Insurance Coverage in Vehicle-Related Crashes

One critical factor in personal injury claims that is influenced by vehicle type is insurance coverage. Federal regulations require minimum insurance coverage on commercial trucks. These regulations are designed to make sure that crash victims have access to sufficient financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other losses. However, crashes involving private vehicles may not benefit from the same type of comprehensive insurance coverage, and that could limit the compensation available to those injured in a crash involving private vehicles.

Regulatory Compliance and its Legal Implications

Different types of vehicles are also subject to specific regulations when it comes to safety standards, operational practices, and driver qualifications. Complying with these regulations is crucial to prevent crashes. It can also establish liability in cases where the regulations are violated. For example, commercial trucks must have regular safety inspections, truck drivers must complete strict driver training programs, and their vehicles must be maintained according to industry standards. If any of these regulations are violated, it can be compelling evidence of negligence in any personal injury cases involving truck crashes.

State laws govern the operation and maintenance of passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation. In cases involving car crashes, legal questions often center on whether drivers were obeying traffic laws and whether any violations contributed to the crash and resulting injuries.

Specialized Legal Expertise Across a Range of Vehicle-Related Incidents

At Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn, our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys brings extensive experience and specialized expertise to handle vehicle crash cases, including but not limited to:

  • Truck Crashes: We fight for victims of truck crashes, using our in-depth knowledge of federal regulations and industry standards to make sure our clients receive fair and just compensation.

  • Car Crashes: Our legal team provides comprehensive representation to clients injured in car collisions. Our team handles everything from negotiating with insurance companies to taking a case to court if necessary to get the maximum compensation for our clients' injuries and losses.

  • Motorcycle Crashes: We understand the challenges faced by motorcyclists who are injured because of the negligence of other drivers. We work diligently to protect the rights of motorcycle riders and we fight to get just compensation for their injuries.

  • Boating and Aviation Crashes: Our attorneys have the specialized knowledge needed to handle complex cases involving crashes on water or in the air. We know the maritime and aviation laws involved and serve as qualified advocates for crash victims and their families.

Contact Our Experienced Legal Team Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of vehicle-related incident, it is crucial to get help and guidance from knowledgeable legal professionals who can navigate the complex personal injury laws on your behalf. At Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn, we are committed to providing compassionate legal representation, and achieving unrivaled results for crash victims and their families.

For more information on our legal services or to schedule a consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys, please call us at 570-287-3000 or email us at


Understanding the different ways that “vehicle type” impacts personal injury claims is essential. Whether it involves making sure federal regulations in trucking crashes have been followed, or advocating for fair compensation in car collision cases, having skilled legal representation can have a big impact on the outcome of your claim.

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