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Medical Malpractice

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Inadequate Treatment? We Can Help.

Medical malpractice occurs when the care given falls below the “standard of care,” which is defined as what any other health-care provider would normally do under the circumstances.

It can include failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis, surgical errors, wrong-site surgeries, medication errors, failure to administer proper treatment, failure to resuscitate or rescue, or injuries caused by medical devices or implants. Medical negligence can be brought against a doctor, nurse, or other health provider, as well as a hospital, clinic, or local, state and federal agency.

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Types of Malpractice Cases

Delayed Diagnosis
Failure to Treat
Surgical Errors
Birth Injury
Medical Product Liability
Prescription Drug Errors
Medical Professional Negligence
Wrongful Death
Reproductive Negligence

Our Results

Listed below is a small sample of our medical malpractice settlements and verdicts. For a larger representative sampling of some of the award-winning 7 and 8 figure settlements and verdicts we have achieved in personal injury cases, click the button below!

  • $21.0 million settlement involving man who suffered irreversible brain damage

  • $13.6 million award after Moses Taylor death

  • $10.4 million award Godlewski medical malpractice case

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